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Man has plastic surgery to look more like Superman

A 35-year-old Filipino man admits to having a series of cosmetic procedures to make himself look more like Superman. Msnbc.com's Dara Brown reports.

Every day is Halloween for Hugo Chavez. The 35-year-old Filipino designer (who shares a name with Venezuela's president, but, presumably, has different life goals) has spent the last 10 years of his life undergoing a series of cosmetic surgeries on his lips, chin and thighs -- all intended to make him look more like Superman.

Chavez says he's also taken injections to lighten his skin -- although he has not, to our knowledge, revealed how he gets his hair to do that perfect little curl thing. Up next: an operation that will give his abs muscular definition.

He may have the look, but he says he does know he doesn't actually have super-strength or the ability to fly. Chavez's neighbors say they're actually into his Man of Steel act, because he keeps the kids entertained and teaches them good morals, explaining that it's good deeds, not superpowers, that make a person a real hero. Aww.