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Your weirdest anxiety dreams

Earlier today, we wrote about anxiety dreams, and whether they serve a purpose, or if they exist just to torment us. You shared so many hilarious examples of your own recurring dreams -- so we decided we had to round up the best ones up for an additional post. Here are 10 of our favorites.

From comments on the blog:

"I dreamed last night that my gender had been mis-assigned at birth (i'm almost 50!) and I was actually a man.

It was extremely awkward not just because I've always been a woman, with a very curvy figure, but I also had just gotten a date with a really cute boy for a fraternity formal or the prom.  I told him that I was actually a boy but that I would still go to the party with him if he wanted me to and he said "sure." Then I asked him if he wanted me to got as a boy or a girl and he told me to choose!

WTH could a dream like that mean?  I have always had wild dreams but that one was a REAL doozy!"

"My recurring anxiety dream is when my teeth fall out. Usually I'll be talking to someone in the dream, and I'll feel my teeth start to loosen. I touch them with my tongue and they wiggle and then begin to fall out. I frantically try to catch them all and push them back in, and just when I really start to panic, I wake up (and immediately feel to be sure my teeth are still there!)"

"I have a dream repeatedly that I need to shower . The shower is always located in a room that is not a bathroom. I cannot find my shampoo., there are people in the room. the water will not continue running and I am left half finished. Another is while traveling, I will begin in a car. The car changes to a bicycle then the bicycle to a tricycle. I come to a river that has alligators in it and have to cross. These have been going on for years."

"I keep having this dream that I have a couple of fish tanks full of scary fish and I forget to feed them and they are VERY angry! They are in their tanks glowering at me and I become very afraid of them! They are usually in a darkened room. What the heck is that about?"

"My recurring and annoying dream involves moving back into the home we lived in for 21 years- despite it being owned and lived in by someone else. I keep thinking it will all be ok and that they won't mind if we just come "home" again. Obviously, I just long to "go home" again- which will never happen. It makes me very sad, tho. Not a good dream, at all."

And over on our Facebook page:

Donna Rawlins:
"I used to dream about having a piece of string/dental floss hanging out of my mouth. the more I pulled the more came out. It was like a clown pulling out scarves. I never was able to get it out."

Lesa Atherton Pinker:
"My reoccuring anxiety dream harkens back to my days of working in retail. For some reason, the store is dark (as though the power has gone out) but we still have to help the customers, and it is always really busy and stessful. I never had the power go out when I worked retail, so I don't really know what that's about. Maybe feeling like you don't really know how to do your job and being 'in the dark'?"

Jannette Thoennes:
"Recurring theme...random dreams will find me with a "gimpy" right leg, can barely walk and it feels numb up to my hip...dreams are always different, but that bad leg turned up frequently in my late teens and twenties, eased up for a few years, but its back again and I am now 41"

Jackie Peterson Tadeo:
"I keep dreaming that I have a baby and lose it. I forget who had it last, where I left and its always different scenetios but dame theme: I have no idea where my baby is."

Melissa Gwyther:
"I had this nightmare for years that I could not find my HS sweethearts phone number and I was panicked that I would never get to speak to him ever again. A lost love. After my divorce I ran into him again, and now we've been together 2 years. I always felt since have this horrible dream, it must have meant, 'once you see him, never let him go again!'"