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An 'infantalist'? Meet Stanley, the 'adult baby'

When 29-year-old Stanley gets home from a hard day at work, he just wants to kick back with a nice bottle of milk, his pacifier and maybe play around with some Legos. As an "adult baby," the California man likes to pretend he's an infant, while being cared for by his roommate, a former nurse. It's called infantalism, and although for many it can be a kind of sexual fetish, that's not the case for Stanley, he tells National Geographic.

"For most of us, you're doing it to relax, you come home from work, and you change into baby mode, and, you know, you put away all your adult stuff and everything gets on hold," explains Stanley, who's been doing this since he was 14.

Tonight, Stanley will be featured on the National Geographic show "Taboo," where he'll get to show off all the customized baby gear he's constructed, including an oversized drop-side crib and a regular-sized playpen that he reinforced to be able to support 350 pounds. (He's also building a super-sized high chair, a project he's been planning for a year and a half.)

He says he does it "just to get the love and affection (and) safeness" that's lost when we leave our infancy. And he keeps the baby play within his house, switching to "adult mode" when he leaves the house. "I've had some people that are perfectly fine with it and I've had others that are just automatically angry, like they think you're a pedophile," says Stanley (who, by the way, looks a lot like Cam from "Modern Family.")

What do you think of "infantalism," and Stanley, the adult baby? Have you ever heard of such a thing before? And did you realize that onesies are actually pretty easy to come by online?

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