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Knife-throwing plastic surgeon holds record for most boob jobs

Is it reassuring that a surgeon has the precision of a competitive knife thrower? Or is the thought of letting a knife-throwing plastic surgeon near your breasts kind of terrifying?

On his off hours, Dr. Ted Eisenberg of Merion Park, Pa., throws knives and tomahawks in competition. But he's also set a Guinness World Record for most boob jobs performed.

According to Guinness, Eisenberg has performed 3,460 breast augmentations, reports AOL News. Eisenberg argues that he's done more than 4,700 of the surgeries over his cosmetic surgery career. Depending on whether you go by Guinness's count or Eisenberg's -- that's either 7,000 or close to 10,000 boobs.

We should note that the knife-throwing surgeon hasn't lost his heart. When he got his first throwing knife -- a gift from his wife -- he told AOL News, "I tried throwing it into a tree but I felt bad. I felt so bad I went and hugged the tree."

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[Link: AOL News: Philadelphia Breast Surgeon Moonlights as Knife Thrower]

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