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Kombucha tea? Acai berries? A look back at weird food fads

Sprouts are the latest food fad to hit grocery shelves, as a new Associated Press story tells it. Both organic-friendly stores like Whole Foods and more mainstream chains are offering all kinds of sprouted stuff: sprouted whole-wheat bread, sprouted rye crackers, sprouted baking flour, sprouted brown rice. Sprouts sprouts sprouts sprouts sprouts sprouts! Everybody!

But what's trendy in food today sometimes seems to disappear by tomorrow. Last year, kombucha tea -- that sinister-looking brew containing live bacteria and yeast -- had a brief moment in the spotlight, thanks in part to celebrity guzzlers like Reese Witherspoon and Lindsay Lohan. Before that, flashy Internet ads begged us to try their one tip for a tiny belly -- acai berries. I doubt you need to be reminded of that intense national love affair with bacon. And while this year we're gulping down Greek yogurt, in 2008 it seemed like no one was interested in eating yogurt that didn't help, ah, move things along.

A decade ago, it was low-carb everything; a decade before that, low-fat or fat-free food was king, even though that didn't always work out so well. (Remember Olestra-packed chips -- and those stories of anal leakage?) And a decade before that, on a blessed day in 1982, Diet Coke made its debut. (OK, so some fads stick around -- even in spite of health warnings.)

What about you, readers? What weird food fads do you remember? Which ones do you hope will make a comeback -- and which ones do you pray are gone for good?

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