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Blindingly good sex? It literally can happen

Back when you were doing it solitary-style, your mama told you that your little habit would make you go blind. But did you listen? No.

Hey, it could happen -- at least when it comes to intercourse. Last year, physicians in Denmark reported the case of a 66-year-old man who literally went blind in one eye every time he had an orgasm, Discover Magazine's Discoblog recently noted. It turned he was having intercourse two or three times every week – not bad for 66 – and every time he did, he’d lose sight in one eye for a couple of minutes which, as you might imagine, could wreck the afterglow.

In 2008, a doctor in Texas reported the similar symptoms in a 48-year-old woman. Thirty minutes after sex, she’d get a headache and go blind in one eye.

Sure, we like to talk about having blindingly good sex, but these people actually had it. It’s probably not a good thing, though. “Transient monocular vision loss” might not be a sign of eye-ball-socket blowing lovemaking skill. It could result from a vascular disturbance like amaurosis fugax. With the right trigger -- climax, say -- a piece of fatty plaque from the carotid artery breaks off, travels to an eye’s retinal artery, and dams up the eye’s blood supply. That could be a sign of atherosclerosis and heart disease.

Treatment with a vasodilator to ease blood flow helped the Danish man, but others, like the 25-year-old female Hungarian scuba diver who experienced the same symptoms after dives, can have severe artery blockages, high cholesterol, and “sticky platelet syndrome.” Usually such cases are treated with some combination of blood thinners, statins, and possibly surgery.

Now, never doubt your mother again.

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