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Would you ever skip a daily shower?

We write about some gross things, but we never thought we'd feel the need to ask our readers this: How often do you guys shower? Because it seems being unwashed is officially a thing -- more people than you might think are skipping daily showers and deodorant, The New York Times reported this weekend.

Defying a culture of clean that has prevailed at least since the 1940s, a contingent of renegades deliberately forgoes daily bathing and other gold standards of personal hygiene, like frequent shampooing and deodorant use.

To the converted, there are many reasons to cleanse less and smell more like yourself. “We don’t need to wash the way we did when we were farmers,” said Katherine Ashenburg, 65, the author of “The Dirt on Clean: An Unsanitized History.” Since the advent of cars and labor-saving machines, she continued, “we have never needed to wash less, and we have never done it more.”

The article notes some that dry shampoo sales "more than doubled" from 2007 to 2009 -- a dirty little beauty secret that we've written about before -- and that this month's issue of Parenting magazine reassures busy moms that it's OK to skip a shower every once in a while. But what was most striking to us about the story was the photos -- everyone pictured is hip, young and very attractive. Maybe these guys are onto something. Or, maybe The Onion had it right back in September when they asked, "Why Should This Man Shower Now When He's Just Going To Get All Sweaty Again?