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Why Gaga's meat dress is a terrible Halloween idea

Considering copying Lady Gaga's meat dress, which she wore to last month's MTV Video Music Awards, for your Halloween parties next week? A new video from the Newark, N.J.-based Star-Ledger explains why this is a terrible idea.

1. You will spread gross bacteria everywhere.

2. You will drip blood everywhere. As one New Jersey butcher told the reporter, "If it's fresh meat you're going to get blood, juice over everything you touch or sit on so it's not very hygenic."

3. It's surprisingly expensive! It'll take about 50 pounds of meat to cover you, costing you $250 or more.

4. You will be very cold, as there is "no insulating value at all," one of the butchers says.

5. You will be even colder when your whole costume falls apart. Another of the butchers remarks, "Beyond the sanitary aspects, there's the question of connective tissue. I mean, if you're sewing something like this together there's a very good possibility it's going to split through the grain and fall apart."

Luckily, you still have about a week and a half to think of a non-gross costume idea -- our friends at TODAY have a handy costume guide ready to go.

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