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Is that a big toe on Megan Fox's hand?

Megan Fox is hot. It's just true. But sometimes, it's kind of fun to take down the prettiest girl in school. Turns out the 24-year-old actress, who is year after year among Maxim's Sexiest Women Alive, actually does have a physical flaw – her thumbs look like two big toes.

The scientific name for stump thumb is Brachydactyly type D, but the condition is also called club thumb, stub thumb, fat thumb, potter's thumb and toe thumb. It's also known as "murderer's thumb," a moniker once used by gypsy fortune tellers.

Whatever you call it, club thumbs are an inherited trait, and the condition is fairly common – up to 4 percent of the population is estimated to have a stubby thumb. But Fox might be a little sensitive about the whole thing; in a Motorola ad that aired during the Super Bowl this year, she's said to have used a thumb double.

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No need to be ashamed, dear. People like your thumbs! No, really, they do – more than 1,000 people "like" Megan Fox's thumbs on Facebook. And for the toe-thumbed among us who aren't celebrities, don't worry – Facebook's got you covered, too. A group called BRACHYDACTYLY Type D has more than 900 members, each of them proudly giving the condition a stumpy thumbs up. The page's wall is covered with notes like "BDDs unite!" and "I finally feel like I belong !!:)" Some seem to use the page to alert the group to other toe-thumbs out there; a woman named Sue Brown helpfully notes:

"Hey, try to catch the CHEEZ_IT cracker commercial where the researcher is trying to determine if the block of cheese is mature enough. he is checking off on a clip board whether or not the cheese is ready and his left thumb holding the clip board is definitely a BRACH-D thumb :)"

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